Netac2 Kärcher Steam Cleaner Narrow Terry Cloths x 5:Netac2
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Kärcher Steam Cleaner Narrow Terry Cloths x 5:Netac2

KAER5 Published in October 20, 2018, 7:35 am
 Kärcher Steam Cleaner Narrow Terry Cloths x 5:Netac2

Kärcher Steam Cleaner Narrow Terry Cloths x 5:Netac2

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mike morley
mike morley Reply to on 13 September 2017
The 3 pads for the small tool are great but the floor pads are just squares of material and nothing like the karcher design with the flaps at each end. There is no good way to attach them to the floor tool so a waste of time. This product is wrongly advertised here
Piers Suckling
Piers Suckling Reply to on 13 March 2018
Well these have not survived as well as we would’ve hoped from the Karcher brand. We are now going to have to buy another pack or find some more suitable microfibre cloths to use instead.
We use our steam mop approx 3 times a week on a very small amount of vinyl flooring, no rough surfaces. The cloths didn’t get washed every time, probably in a weekly rotation at best, as the floor doesn’t get super dirty.

Also no need for three of the small elasticated cloths, as I doubt anybody uses those more than the big ones.
Martyn Fielding
Martyn Fielding Reply to on 10 May 2016
Good quality. Extremely dirty jobs obviously soil the cloths quickly. Once you're in a regular cleaning routine & keeping on top of the dirt then the cloths won't soil as quickly before having to change over for a clean one. Recommend buying the extra cloths with any of the Karcher SC series machines...
Mrs T
Mrs T Reply to on 29 March 2016
Out of all the ones of this type out there (that I've tried) this is the better quality
Only 3 stars because of the following
1/ when cleaning they move about a bit to much on the steam head
2/ as they obviously get very hot, when you change them ouch! If anyone knows of a less painful way to change them please let me know?
3/ they could do with being a bit thicker
As with all steamer clothes I keep a bucket with hot soapy water to put the clothes straight in, even when just changing them to a clean one & carrying on, much better results to keep the clothes good
But all said, I have not found a better substitute out there, so I'll stick to this one!
oscar wilde
oscar wilde Reply to on 18 February 2015
They are great. The quality is fab and they work really well, it's just you'd need about 20 to clean an oven. Once I use one side, I the pull it around und use the other side, but after a short time they were all dirty. I then resorted to using an old towel and a strong elastic band to keep it on and after every wipe, moved the towel a bit to get a clean patch of towel. It's a bit of a hassle, but that worked.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 January 2016
Arrived on time. Personally, I don't think the larger cloths fit that well on the Karcher, but neither do the original ones the Karcher came with. The smaller elasticated ones are fine. They both do the job though, so that's the main thing.
Trefor Reply to on 21 January 2014
Good...actually better quality than the ones that came with the device...a bit thicker..I know I can use an old towel etc but these are the right size and given that I'm currently using the steam cleaner weekly thought they made sense.
BBee Reply to on 5 May 2017
the patches for Floor cleaning are far to big and difficult to tighten into the holder which only can so much cloth, washed it on 60 but it does not really get clean as it keeps hold of the fine filth it moped up
ST PATTISON Reply to on 28 June 2015
The quality of the cloth is fab and works brill, my only complaint is that the cloths are too long and don't fit properly, loads hang out at the end, but I am able to lock it in place, but does annoy.
reco Reply to on 28 December 2016
The long strips seem to be too long and gape loosely along the bottom surface which makes it difficult to use. I will wash them again in case they shrink. If not I will cut them to size. Quality of cloth is fine.
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