Netac2 Customer reviews Woolly Woofers:Netac2
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Customer reviews Woolly Woofers:Netac2

Debbie Bliss
Debbie Bliss Published in October 20, 2018, 7:36 am
Customer reviews Woolly Woofers:Netac2

Customer reviews Woolly Woofers:Netac2

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Kelly A19
Kelly A19 Reply to on 14 February 2015
I love several of the patterns - enough to make it worthwhile, & there are enough practical patterns to make it a bargain buy. However, I personally don't like hats on dogs & don't like outfits that mock dogs, & some of these go just that bit too far in that direction. The fair aisle jumper bothers me too - even in the book's photos, it is very obviously a poor fit, leaving a gaping hole at the front which won't keep any dog warm! Still worth it for the ideas & inspiration though, & beautifully presented, as all Debbie's books are.
Inamac Reply to on 8 May 2015
Mostly I do crochet rather than knitting, but I thought that a knitted dog coat might fit better so bought this as it claims to have a number of different patterns for dog coats starting from beginners. Unfortunately the sizes given are not detailed enough to fit well - dogs come in a variety of shapes as well as sizes - and the variety of the patterns is mostly in the type of yarn and adding motifs rather than in the styles of garment. You need to be an experienced knitter and designer to make the necessary adjustments.

If you are knitting for a pug or bull terrier this is very good, for a whippet or ETT (like me) not so much. I will be donating the one coat I did make to a dog charity - and possibly the book as well.
Tanzanite Reply to on 29 September 2015
I will be sending this back. While the patterns are lovely they only give two sizes for each one, in small and medium. The small is far too large for my Chi's and no info I can see on how to adjust down. It looked like a book for smaller dogs so I'm disappointed. I can't find decent patterns for love nor money for Chihuahua's. Shame.
The Urban Gypsy
The Urban Gypsy Reply to on 4 November 2015
Not as many patterns in it that I would make for a small dog. I would have preferred thicker yarn and more patterns for the small dog.
Elaine Cheatham
Elaine Cheatham Reply to on 1 July 2018
Second purchase
Helen Reply to on 8 September 2017
Great book
Rosary Bn’B
Rosary Bn’B Reply to on 21 May 2018
Pleased with purchase
Rosy3683 Reply to on 13 February 2015
Wonderful book, inspiring for knitters and dog lovers alike. A great coffee table book too that will make you smile, with wonderful illustrations. Great fun!
Amanda Reply to on 6 September 2015
Lovely book full of patterns, some are definitely going to be too difficult for my limited knitting skills but if you like fun and quirky this is a great book
Mrs. Christine A. Edwards
Mrs. Christine A. Edwards Reply to on 12 October 2014
We laughed and laughed and laughed. My grandson's tea cup Jack Russell can look forward to becoming a sheep! Recommend highly. Even non-knitters would love this.
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